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New Short Story

Hey 🙂 I have a pretty fun announcement today- I wrote a little story that I thought you guys might enjoy! It’s called Heart of Gold, and it’s told in a fun fairytale-style that may be a nice change of pace for all of us.

I honestly based it off of this story Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale- I recently picked it up and just devoured it. It’s based on the story Maid Maleen in the Brother’s Grimm fairytale book, and it’s just a perfect blend of compassion and strength. I decided to take these fun themes, however, and twist it until something dark and bloody dripped out lol it’s quite a dark take on the fairytale, but it was fun to write and I tried to keep the authenticity of the fairytale voice throughout.

I hope you guys love it, it’s available here: Heart of Gold


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