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WIP And Muses: Mindfulness and the Arcana

The weekend is finally here. Let’s just take a second to breathe, because if you made it through this week without anything crazy happening, I applaud you.

My family, friends, coworkers… it seemed like everyone was having a really hard time this week. I know I was. I like to consider myself a calm person, someone who is in tune with their inner self, but this week I’ve been a bundle of panicky nerves. A lot is going on and I feel a huge change coming towards me like a wave. It’s that feeling you get where you know something is coming, but you have no idea what or when… kind of like being hunted down by Jason in the Friday the 13th movies. It’s coming… you can’t see it… but you can’t escape.

And I don’t want to. Its change I’ve brought upon myself through positive thinking, but it’s still nerve-wracking. I’ve turned a lot towards writing, and also Mindfulness and Meditation. I also rediscovered my love for Tarot. Before you disregard this post, though, to me Tarot is a tool for inspiration and psychological understanding. It’s like a higher form of empathy. It keeps me rooted and aware, and also has initiated a HUGE brain blast about a story idea.

So, for my WIPs, I’ve started working on a Tarot/Arcana-based outline (it’s in the baby stages), and I also started a short story this week (two actually… and I didn’t finish either of them…). And I also hit my first milestone in the Sentinel Crooke series.

I’ve been writing 1500 words every day for the past month and I have one more month to go. I treated myself to a tiny book haul and will get a few books from the library. At the end of my two months/when I finish the first Sentinel Crooke book, I will reward myself with another book buy (with fun books! The ones I got now are resources lol) and a library trip.

This 1500-word a day thing is actually going great. I’m stuck in the world every day and it makes me even more immersed. However, I can feel my steam kind of waning at this point… Maybe in the future I’ll shoot for more words per day and a shorter amount of time? I don’t know, either way this focused burst of writing (it’s kind of like NaNoWriMo) is working for me.

I’d truly love to hear how your week has been. And do you have any experience with Tarot? I’ve been trying to find good sites or resources to use to learn up on it. So far, all I have is HarmonyNice on Youtube 🙂 who I adoooooooore.

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