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Current Reads | December 2017

Hey friends!

This month, I picked up two books from the local bookstore. One was a suggestion from a Booktuber who I love (Mollie Reads) and the other is a continuation of a beloved series.

The first book, Strange the Dreamer, is by Laini Taylor, and this is honestly the first time I’ve heard of her. But honestly, Mollie’s description of her book in a recent video peaked my interest and had me headed to my nearest bookstore as soon as I could.

From what I can gather, Strange the Dreamer is a story about a boy named Lazlo, who joins a band of heroic warriors to cross the world in hope of finding the long lost city, Weep. Lazlo has a host of questions that need to be answered, the most pressing involving the appearance of a blue-skinned goddess in his dreams.

I thought this book sounded so interesting, because the synopsis makes it sound like the main character, Lazlo, is more passive compared to a lot of mainstream protagonists. Not passive in a bad way, but more in that he isn’t the ONLY main character in this novel even though he dominates the POV/narrative. The idea of a blue-skinned goddess and a godslayer sound infinitely entertaining to me and kind of harkens back to books like Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. All of this sounds super enticing, which is why I had to pick it up.

The second book I grabbed was the first in The Belle Sauvage series, The Book of Dust by Philip Pullman.

Be still my heart.

When I first read the series, I LOVED His Dark Materials more than I loved myself. Seriously. This book meant so much to me when I read it in middle school. It was so ethereal, so otherworldly, and I strived to be as fearless as Lyra when I read those books. And now, she’s back in my world and I am honestly a little nervous to start it. I know Pullman is a bit polarizing in his writing, but if anyone has any non-spoilery words to say on it, please mention it in the comments. I’d love to hear what you have to say ❤

Those are my two current reads for this month, but if I have any new additions (which may happen), I’ll let you know here or on Twitter. Have you guys read these yet? Am I totally wrong in my expectations? I can’t freaking wait to jump into these!

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