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Bucket List!

I was listening to a podcast when I first came across the poem The Buried Life… it describes a feeling that I’ve been struggling with for years and was never fully able to articulate. I didn’t think this was something that other people felt, and I truly think that since I’ve been more open to connecting with others recently, I was able to find this conversation that resonated so strongly with me.

This poem inspired not only me, but it also inspired a whole movement and organization called The Buried Life. It’s led by a young guy named Ben Nemtin who, after struggling with depression, surrounded himself with people that inspire him. He soon realized that he and his friends were all feeling this same disconnect that he felt from their true selves, and they equally felt disconnected from their true heart and soul’s desires. With The Buried Life poem articulating this feeling to them, they decided to do something about it and created a Bucket List that allowed them to connect to each other and to their hopes and dreams. Together, they set out to fulfill the Bucket List, no matter how crazy or grand the ideas listed on it. For every item they could check off their list, they’d help someone else fulfill something on their own, and thus The Buried Life organization was born.

The name of the organization comes from the poem The Buried Life by Matthew Arnold, born 1822 and died 1888. His poem is quite long, but it essentially speaks about a man who can’t seem to connect with anyone… he feels like he can’t share his true self with the world and it’s eating him up inside. He feels as if his desires are buried under the tasks and responsibilities of everyday life. And no matter how much he wants to connect with someone, he doesn’t know if life will allow that of him. I think it’s a beautiful poem and it really speaks to me right now, because I’ve realized (through lots of self-introspection and meditation) that I have trouble connecting with people on a deeper level. A lot of what we endure on a daily basis is very “face value,” and I feel this strange disconnect from most people I come into contact with.

To try to work on this, and to follow in Ben’s footsteps, I decided to put together a Bucket List that would help me achieve my daily and lifelong dreams. Just writing it down is the first step towards realizing and succeeding in your dreams, because you never know who out there might be able to help you achieve them.

I decided to make two Bucket Lists: one is a dream big, pretend you can do ANYTHING, kind of bucket list. One where I didn’t hold back in the slightest and poured all my hopes onto paper.

My second is more of a lifestyle-change Bucket List. It’s what I can focus on daily to live the life that I desire and to fulfill my soul’s purpose.

But, I will keep these both close so I make sure never to lose sight of my heart and souls desires.

I’ll list them here, but what I’d truly love is for you to share with me some of your Bucket List items. For every big-dreamer item I can cross off my list, I want to help others succeed in one of theirs, as well.

I think these Bucket Lists will help me get closer to the true self that is inside of me and that wants to be expressed. Becoming more aware of our purpose and our soul’s desires will set us free, just as Arnold says in these five lines:

The eye sinks inward, and the heart lies plain, 

And what we mean, we say, and what we would, we know, 

A man becomes aware of his life’s flow, 

And hears its winding murmur, and he sees 

The meadows where it glides, the sun, the breeze.

So let’s get to some self-introspection 🙂 Because it is this way that we can connect and help each other live the life we were born to live.


Bucket List

  1. Take a full backpacking/train tour of Scandinavia and see where my ancestors lived.
  2. See the pyramids and the sphinx in Egypt.
  3. Win a Michael L. Printz Award.
  4. Fly in a fighter jet. 
  5. Write a book that gets turned into a movie. 
  6. Write a book that gets turned into a video game. 
  7. Become a certified yoga instructor
  8. Go to France and follow the path my grandfather’s unit took in WWII.
  9. Brew/mix my own bottle of wine.
  10. Learn to surf.
  11. Volunteer to save animals.
  12. Win a Pulitzer Prize. 
  13. Meet people and surround myself with people that inspire.
  14. Go to a bat cave.
  15. Co-write a book.
  16. Go into a deep-sea diving bell under water.
  17. Live on a boat.
  18. Mentor a writer who becomes a New York Times Bestseller.
  19. Live in the jungle to connect with and deepen my spirituality.
  20. Hike to a mountaintop and watch the sun rise.


Lifestyle Bucket List

  1. Meditate daily.
  2. Do yoga daily.
  3. Eat whole, real foods grown either locally or by me!
  4. Recycle more than I throw away.
  5. Surround myself with people that inspire, love, and support me.
  6. Make time for the people I love.
  7. Give as much as I take, and do it from a place of love, not obligation.
  8. Always write.
  9. Give back to and take care of animals to the best of my ability.
  10. Put self-care and personal goals first- I am my biggest cheerleader and I will be the one to support my goals more than anyone else

So these are really really big dreams, and it helps having them to look at so I can remain inspired. They’re just something to work towards, and the first step is putting it out there. Who knows what we can achieve! Please share your own big bucket list dreams below!!!

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