Morgan Billings is a writer and editor with a passion for reading books, helping animals, and drinking wine. The magic of storytelling is what encouraged her to pursue a Master’s of Art in English with a concentration in Fiction and Creative Writing- this came after a fun few years working in the wine and aviation industries.

She is an aspiring author and uses The Written Paige as a blog to spread the magic of writing and help fellow writers achieve their dreams. Morgan has professional experience in technical writing and technical editing, and is a freelance writer/editor. When she isn’t writing about the fun of fantasy, science fiction, and horror novels, she is expanding her hobby in nutrition and health as well.

As a writing adviser and experienced editor, Morgan aspires to help other writers achieve their goals all while keeping the joy of writing alive. Writing is fun, writing is dreaming, and aspiring authors should always feel that same passion that first inspired them to begin to write.

Morgan lives in New England with her boyfriend and their two cats, Meomansan Von Bartlesby and Taco “The Space Invader” Binx.