Editing Services

I specialize in editing fiction and nonfiction manuscripts that range many genres: historical fiction/nonfiction, fantasy, science fiction, romance, and contemporary to name a few. I also have a professional background in technical editing in IT and computer manuals and therefore specialize in editing those types of technical documents.

The following are different types of services that I offer and the processes that I take when taking on projects of these sorts.


  • Grammar Check
  • Spelling Check
  • Correct Word Usage
  • Overall Appearance
  • Format Corrections
  • Typographical Errors
  • Punctuation Check

This is typically a final step in the manuscript cleanup process and the edits are done on a near-final (a proof, if you daresay πŸ™‚ ) copy.


This can be broken into three differing levels of difficulty/completeness: light, medium, and heavy (standards specified inΒ The Copyeditor’s Handbook and used as a basis in the freelance editor industry).

All copyediting services also include a style sheet used during editing that outline consistently used terms, writer spelling choices, name spellings, places, and other stylistic choices.

Light Copyediting:

  • Correct all indisputable errors in grammar, syntax, and usage.
  • Skip over small sentences or paragraphs in which there is overt wordiness, but point out overly convoluted stretches of writing.
  • Edit and ensure that spelling, capitalization, punctuation, abbreviations, and format is consistent.
  • Check for factual inconsistency.
  • Note any reprinted information that may require copyright or permissions checks.
  • Ensure typecode and styles are all correct.

Medium Copyediting:

The same duties as light copyediting, but with additional focus on pointing out errors in grammar, syntax, and usage that may be problematic; suggesting revisions to overly wordy sections of writing, ensure all terms new to readers are pointed out and supply definitions if possible.

Heavy Copyediting:

Heavy copyedits include the same duties as light and medium copyediting, but also includes verifying the provided information/any facts that were presented, fixing gaps in logic, and overall ensuring the tone and voice of the document is consistent.

This is especially useful if the document is a technical document, since acronyms, terms, and


Technical Editing:

[coming soon]



[coming soon]


If interested, please email me at morganbillingswrites@gmail.com