My Story


I’m Morgan, and this blog is dedicated to my most heartfelt passion: my love of editing, writing, and reading.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved books. My favorite book as a kid was Corduroy, and my poor mom sat down and read it to me every night- so much so that I actually memorized it and called her out on it when she skipped a page or a line.

This love for storytelling followed me into adulthood. I fell into blogging around 2012 and ran the blog The Drifting Paige, which specialized in showcasing self-published authors. It was pretty successful and I built some amazing relationships with authors through that time, but I realized that I wanted more than anything was to write myself. I wanted to help bring that joy and wonder that I’ve felt about Corduroy into the world, and I realized that I could: through writing and editing.

I got my Master’s in English and Creative Writing (with a concentration in Fiction) and was a member of a local writing group for a few years. I also started working in the Technical Writing/ Technical Editing industry, and all of these interests culminated in my love for editing. Doing it professionally and amongst writing peers made me realize just how much I loved editing. And it wasn’t until a friend actually came to me and said how much she loved my editing on her work and how much she wanted me to do more, when I finally considered editing as a viable job. It had always been something I just did at my day job or for my friends. But with my experience, I realized I have more to offer and more to learn.

I love most genres, but you’ll find me sticking my nose in books that are middle grade, fantasy, science fiction, or thrillers more than anything. If you want to chat books with me or even work with me, you’re in the right place!