Rates and Processes

Welcome! If you’d like a little clarity on what to expect with my services, keep on reading for the Editing and Writing policies 🙂


I have professional freelance experience in editing, therefore my rates are equal to the industry standards. If you send me an email, I will happily discuss rates and deadlines with you. Please check out my Editing Services page to have a better idea of how I can work with you.

At the beginning of each project, I send out a small questionnaire that helps me get a better grasp of the duties and expectations required. These questions may include the following topics:

  • Deadline requirements
  • Budget requirements
  • Stage of manuscript/document
  • Expected audience
  • Level of work that needs to be done
  • Special formatting issues (are there tables and graphics that need to be checked or is this just a written document)

Once this questionnaire is answered, I will ask for a few pages of the document (1-5 depending on the length) to edit before any commitments are made. I will edit those pages to the level of work I was previously impressed upon, and this way I can get a better idea of writer expectations, style of writing, and pace of editing. Then, once the edited pages are delivered, we can discuss whether or not I am the editor for you and if you want to go forward with a contract based on the rates/timeline I provide.

I will treat your project with the most professional, astute eye that I have and serve only to make it stronger. You can trust your project with me, whether its a creative, professional, or academic endeavor, I can help you along the way.

That being said, I do believe that not every editor is right for every writer and therefore have no heartache if our experience, style, or topic-knowledge does not mesh. I will be honest and try to recommend another editor if this happens, because every piece of writing deserves the right people behind it.

Any contractual editing requires half of the pay at the beginning of the project with the final half paid upon receipt of the final product.



I offer two types of writing: creative and technical writing.

I have professional experience in the writing industry, therefore my freelance rates are equal to industry standards. Please check out my Writing Services page if you want a better idea of how I can work with you.

At the beginning of each project, I will send out a questionnaire similar to my Editing process that clarifies expectations, who the project is for, if an NDA is involved, editing/style guides required (APA, MLA, GPO, etc.), length of the piece, if the project is recurring, expected audience, and more. If this is a ghostwriting novel/short story piece, there must be proof of a current story outline and a content/audience requirements outline. After I receive this questionnaire, I will put together an expected timeline, milestones, rates/project cost. If my projections are to your liking, we can go forward with a contract.

Depending on length and expectations, there does not have to be a contract but this will be determined on a case-by-base basis. Anything longer than a blog post requires a contract and half of the decided pay up at the beginning of the contract and the final half upon delivery of the final product.



Please contact me at morganpbillings@gmail.com for more information.