Work With Me

“Your intuition knows what to write, so get out of the way.”
-Ray Bradbury

My Philosophy
The best types of books are the ones that make you think and learn, and I strive to show that passion in my own writing and editing choices. In every writer is a story that can reach an audience on a fundamental level. I went to school primarily for writing, but while pursuing my Master’s I discovered a passion for editing that has carried through into my professional life.
While enrolled at Southern New Hampshire University, I joined a weekly Writer’s Club that would meet and developmentally edit each other’s pieces. This editing, balanced with the copywriting and substantive editing I learned in class and at work as a technical writer, bled into my desire to be a freelance editor.
An editor’s best talents and contributions are seen when they support an author and help their writing flourish. A piece of writing is essentially an author’s brainchild- it’s up to the editor to keep it safe and growing and to help all of its potential shine through. If you think I’m the right editor for your piece, know that I will do all I can to keep it genuine and true to you while strengthening it as I know how.

My Education
Master’s Degree in English and Creative Writing with a Concentration in Fiction (Southern New Hampshire University)
2+ years professional work experience as a Technical Writer/ Editor
1 year as a freelance editor

You Can Find Me
On Instagram, follow bits and pieces of my life and writing processes: morgan.billings
On Pinterest, where I make boards based on writing, editing, blogging, (vlogging??), and even food if you’re interested: morganpb30
On Twitter, if you’re interested in chatting and discussing editor/writer topics with me (and please do! I love connecting with people who have the same passions as I do): morganbwrite